Monday, 26 January 2009

acorn necklace

i've been after an acorn pendant for ages.. pretty much since i ordered one from the topshop website and they sent me a black sheer blouse accidently instead!? 

i didn't complain at the time as it meant i had a new top for less than a fiver but it did mean i still didn't have an acorn necklace :( boo.. 

anyway i have now found this....

pretty huh! except its $6,250.00.. hmmm... people are mental!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

things i want for my birthday... yes its almost here (as if you didn't know!!)

more plastic animal masks
green kitkat bar - or any chocolate in green sounds fun! as long as its not mould!

many different coloured balloons!

stupid cake!

lily allens new bag

want it!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

irregular choice robot shoes

awesome shoes shamelessly stolen from my sister :-)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hussein Chalayan - officially my favourite designer EVER....

... the designer who makes most of bjork's famous (and in my opinion best) dresses that i love so much:

.. this one reminds me of a christmas decoration - i so want a skirt like this but have no idea how to go about making it??? if anyone knows please tell me!!

a dress that is made from bells!!! hello!! genius!! i want it!!!

giant rock necklace.. :-) if your not brave enough for full on nutcase-ness

giant ruffles!!  this one may be a tad inconvenient whilst trying to purchase drinks at the bar. 

a skirt that turns into a table!!!! this guy is my god!!! stuck in a crowded pub with loads of meathead's hogging the seats?? tada - instant table!

...and ... oh my god!! my favourite!! i so really do want this for my wedding day!! a bit risque at a family event true - but HELLO its bubbles... a dress thats BUBBLES!!! i am so in love with this it hurts!

... and if all that isn't enough he sends models down the catwalk completely naked apart from ufo's on their heads!!! just incase you were bored of seeing clothes!! 

whilst waiting for my hair to grow....

...i'm liking this style! will try it soon.. v messy :-)

wooooooop SALE

update on old post

i now have this:

god bless you january sales!!!! 
......i also just bought a top hat so now i can be a real ring master!!!!!!


Thursday, 8 January 2009

is there such a thing as too many sequins...?

the answer is no!! 

i did try to tone the outfit down with my shrimp necklace.. does that tone it down you ask? well i'm not sure?.... but it definitely doesn't make it more glam does it!

 i also wore a bow i got of my christmas present in my hair cos it was hologram-y so therefore matches everything as it has every colour going!!

feist on sesame street bless

pretty and creepy - what a perfect combination

my daughter is a diva

my youngest is fast becoming this planets largest diva... seriously she best marry rich cos i have absolutely no funding for the lifestyle she is obviously going to desire.. and i know this even though she isn't even three yet.. and yes i hear you all saying its the terrible twos, but if that really was the case then surely there would have been a noticeable starting time for when she became demanding but unfortunately this is a trait from birth for her.. at least all i have to afford right now is sweets and dora backpacks!

lou doillon in playboy

there is something ever so wholesome about lou doillon.. even in playboy she seems sexy in a totally un-intentional way  - bit strange for playboy true but whatever the case the pictures are lovely...

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Heather & Ellie

last year i entered a photo competition and came 3rd - heather and ellie came 1st and after visiting their photo's on flickr i forgive them for thrashing me to a free pair of shoes a month for a year (well nearly - who could really forgive that!!) as their photos are really ace - here's just a few for your viewing pleasure: 

my eldest cherry has a dress with a heart cut out on the back and i have to practically force her by means of blackmail/ bribes to get her in it as she prefers skulls and stars - kids - pah! and she's only blinking 7!!
my love for circus/ clowns etc continues.. i need a cone hat
alien barbie's
love this photo so much.. would love it more if instead of hearts it was a harlequin box..

and yes i also want a rabbit hood and tail.. i'm not sure when i'll grow out of wanting various ridiculous costume pieces to wear out to the pub, but i'm thinking it wont be soon...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

things i'm loving and wanting off etsy right now:

red rose scarf

red ruffle bow leggings

jersey fringe skirt

pieandbelle xox

making a dress for jem for xmas

take one leopard dress and a big bunch of washable felt and tada - one silly dress for one little sis.. the everest dress has landed: