Sunday, 26 April 2009

cutting down the bush in my garden is lots of fun

picture's i'm liking today

love beach shots..
these are beautiful
they remind me of dominique swain in lolita.. i love that film
want these pillows 
eddie is god
i have this rabbit too
insane shoes
how cute are these.. i'm so covering my trainers in sequins!!!

radish dress

radish print dress - asos
acorn necklace
ice cream clutch from irregular choice
heels and sequin top from topshop

out for lisa's 30th

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

pretty and hideous apparently :-)

During a ramble through cyber space i came along a website called and was laughing at the amount of stuff on there i thought was actually really cool... 

i think i'm just too in love with silly stuff and things that sparkle to actually have taste! :-)

spring! i do not like you!

Have wanted to wear this green summer dress i got for a lovely ten squids from Tesco since i picked it up instead of groceries to feed my starving family.. but alas the crappy weather has forbid me my dream! So i tied up the waist bunged on some opaques and a fur coat and set out to the park and then lo and behold the sun doesn't just peek out but blared down it's boiling-ness apon my poor black tight-ed self that was also laden with not only mine, but cherry and belle's fur jackets! gah! blinking sun.. !

on another note as you can see my youngest has decided that blue gingham school dresses three sizes too big are the fashion calling of the day so thats what she wore.. with red tights and silver glitter shoes!? She's most definitely my child!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

best restaurant review i've read in ages:


Since I’ve become a mother, I don’t get as many chances to try out the latest hot restaurant getting all the buzz. Yet, there’s one restaurant I’ve been to almost everyday for the last month — sometimes more than once a day. My two-and-a-half year old, Lily, has opened what she calls “The Cafe Restaurant” and although the service is terrible, the food inedible and you have to sit on the living room floor, it has become one of my favorite eating destinations of all time. What makes a visit to The Cafe Restaurant so special is you never, ever know what you’re going to get.

Here’s an example of a typical ordering experience:

Lily:  Order something, please.
Mom: OK, do you have coffee?
Lily: No. No coffee at the Cafe Restaurant. Only water and tea.
Mom: OK, tea please.
Lily: No tea. Only water.
Mom: OK, water.
Lily: Do you want coffee?
Mom: Well … actually, yes.
Lily (Handing me a toy tomato) Here.

Hey, the restaurant business is hard. Most of them fail in the first year. She’s probably just working the kinks out. Here is my review of her establishment — if you ever stop by my house when it’s open from 6:30 AM til bedtime.

Signature Dish: This is what I got when I ordered the spinach quiche and salad with a side of cottage cheese. Beautiful presentation but, alas, indigestible:

You can wait for your food for hours — sometimes until after nap time. Depending on her mood, the customer sitting next to you (dad) might get served while you’re ignored. Be prepared to get your hands dirty — at her whim she can ask YOU to run the restaurant while she orders instead.

The Menu:
Varies from day to day and minute to minute. Sometimes all you get is cake. There’s no alcohol served. Lily will not have a liquor license for roughly 18 years.

I’ve seen the chef sneeze directly on the food and serve it to me. She often doesn’t wear shoes and has even served me food items tucked between her toes. Cracker crumbs cover the floor. Sometimes she pees her pants. If a Health Inspector stopped by, I’m pretty sure he’d shut her down.

It’s not cheap. Currently she says everything costs “20 miles.” But no worries. Sometimes she dips into her little cash register and pays YOU instead of taking payment.


Still, despite the poor service and the plastic tasting food I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant. But you better hurry. Even as I write this, I think the restaurant might be shutting down. We got her a little doctor’s bag this weekend, complete with a stethoscope — already the restaurant counter has been serving as a hospital triage. The toddler doctor is in.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Nancy Shevell in sequin leggings

not rating the rest of the outfit but the sequin leggings are brilliant.. they are by Stella McCartney and for £795 they are a tad pricey!! 

but they are so cute.. i saw britney in some similar leggings in her circus video.. i hope they bring a version to the high street as i'm not sure where you'd get the fabric???

Saturday, 11 April 2009

pieandbelle necklaces

pete glitter scalloped love heart
washing line
panda and clown rings
button cupcake

Thursday, 9 April 2009

i ♥ Lykke Li

life in plastic, it's fantastic

i have decided i definitely do not have enough plastic dinosaurs in my life;

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

photoshopped disasters

want some sexy panties to show off your butt crack? obviously this girl thought that was a tad too much so just got rid of hers;
aw, what a lovely pic of  Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet, i'd like to know where he got that single coat sleeve shirt from... very fashion forward;i know angelina and brad love their kids but to have a clone head of one of your kids attached to your shoulder is a tad OTT;
isn't it a shame when your extra hand isn't covered by your glossy mane, ruining what would have been a lovely beach shot;
is it a mirror, is it glass, is he a vampire... only she knows;

paper clothes

Monday, 6 April 2009

new girl crush - Juno Temple

remember the ginger girl lola in atonement who helps convince briony that robbie was some sort of sexual perv?? no?? well heres a pic to help jog your memory;

well since then she grew up a bit, went blonde, was in a film called wild child which i must buy cherry as it look's like she'd totally love it;

and then she did the following photo shoot that made me fall in love with her;

the end x