Tuesday, 5 May 2009

aztec loveliness

i am loving the aztec look that is in right now.. i'm not really someone that avidly follows trends unless, that is, they make me look like i'm dressing in fancy dress gear. Then i'm all up for it. So circus was fine. pirate/nautical was fine, victoriana was fine.. and yup dressing like some strange red indian with blonde hair and zig zag boots is also fine! i shall be expanding on this look (at least until the annoying girls that dress in their usual vest and mini combo but just add the key trend accessories destroy its appeal and then i will hate it cos i'm just a bit fickle like that!)

i like this multiple pile up headband/necklace idea:
natasha khan obviously owns this look:
i do so want a feather head-dress
this necklace from urban outfitters is lush which i think would go fab with a retro print tshirt tucked into a black sequin skirt and mental shoes of course!! : 
i may have accidently just bought this boob tube from topshop even though i have no cash, goddam those bigwigs at topshop that masterminded allowing paypal as a payment! now i can buy even when i have no money in the bank!!!

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