Friday, 8 May 2009

octopus obsessed

i don't know why but i've always been totally fascinated by octopus even though they gross me out beyond reason.. actually, i have a weird relationship with all sea creatures in that i want to be as close as humanly possible to them, even touch them, but at the same time am totally petrified of them.. anyway i have a few sea creature bits of jewellery but came across this today;

by Antonio Palladino. $4,195
earrings, bracelet and ring octopus all available through if your loaded enough!

so after crying at the fact i'll never afford them i went a-huntin' for some other octopi decorated garb lo;

shirt - pretty

ring and necklace - very lovely..

but then..... i found these tights!!!!

which made me HAAAAAAAPPPPYYY!! so i've bought my octopus fix of the day and now can resume normal life until some other random thing to buy pops into my brain!

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