Monday, 6 July 2009

more sequins

hoom.. i'm not sure if i have mentioned in the past?? but i have a slight love for sequins.. basically 50% of my wardrobe is made up of these shiney babies and even though i'm fast approaching my 30th birthday there really seems no chance of my love of these tiny discs waning any time soon..

today i found this on the topshop website:
sequin jacket £75

on one of my previous posts i really rated a pepper and pistol red sequin jacket.

i'm thinking if i get the above jacket i can add some sequin embellishments in silver/gold/black sequins to the front?? i'm not sure if the shape is right to have them but its just a thought.. basically i'm saying that a jacket completely made up of sequins is just not sequinny enough for me!

then i found this on etsy:

ooo preety.. so i bought it as it was only about £30 with p&p.. i'm thinking to put it with my can can irregular choice boots:

but can't think of a top yet... i really want to continue the circus feel but as i have black and white shoes i don't want to have a similar top as i'm not really a big fan of matching so i'm up in the air about it.. i'm sure i'll find something suitably unsuitable that will look stupid enough..

on another note i just got a new topshop dress that is really cute but just plain white vest as a top half so have decided to wear my longline lace topshop peach bra over the top when i wear it out.. sorted!

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