Monday, 24 August 2009

blog award has awarded me with an 'i think you are an awesome girl' award! :-)
you have to write 10 facts about yourself, and chose some other lady folk to bestow the award too:


1. i eat an obscene amount of mint sauce/ vinegar/ olives/ capers and sun dried tomatoes! i have to add them separately to my meals if i'm cooking for other people as they'd all puke!
2. i am blatantly honest about pregnancy and giving birth.... i'm not a good person to talk to if your pregnant and scare easily!
3. my house is a complete junk shop.. and my desk where i make jewellery is just filled with random beads/ plastics/ glitters/ chains and random small objects like micro machines, googly eyes and miniature birds?
4. i love my kids so much and find it really hard to be away from them.. i would love to go to a festival but have not spent more than 1 night away from them since my eldest was born 8 years ago!
5. i am extremely into horror movies (well all movies really - but horrors are my favourite) i especially like spooky horror movies that involve scary long haired girls like a tale of two sisters, phone, the ring and basically the whole first half of martyrs.
6. i have 3 tattoos.. all on my back
7. i love bjork - her music and style are amazing.. i wish i could wear stage outfits like her just day to day but i think i'd be sectioned.
8. i'm obsessed with the circus.. my favourite depictions of the circus on tv are the series carnivale and the film mirror mask
9. i have a mannequin called bianca - the name was stolen from the film 'lars and the real girl'
10. i have severe double vision and always see 2 of everything.. but i've had it for my whole life so it's completely normal for me... ie i can still drive/ play sports etc and get no headaches from it... and no, before you ask, i don't see 4 when i'm drunk :-)

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