Wednesday, 30 December 2009


i still want a pug so badly.. is there a more ridiculous looking dog out there?

mock over the knee tights

way back at the start of autumn i remember seeing these tights from advertised and instantly fell in love!!

i loved the fact they looked like over the knee socks but weren't. (due to the fact that my legs are about 5 inches long and over the knee socks are always too long and also just do. not. work on me!) however.. their hefty price tag meant that our love affair was not to be but lo.. first house of holland caught on for £10:

and then came the cheapies.. i now have the topshop suspender tights.. £8 each

and basically lived in my debenhams £6 bargain pair..
..over the festive season.. :-)

dropsnap and fox furs

i have been visiting a bit of late and have decided that the people of Tokyo definitely have the most amazing style ever.. i love the kiddie influences, the textures and the mis-match of colours.. but what really caught my eye on my last visit was fox stoles:

now i'm no animal activist.. in fact i watched 101 dalmations the other day and just sat admiring cruella's outfits rather than backing the puppies.. however, when i found this cruelty free version that was.. wait for it... knitted!! then there really was no contest! aaaw look at its little face..

Sunday, 20 December 2009

i want this whole outfit!

when is the topshop dress anna friel wore ever going to be online to buy!!!!!!! gahhh

i need this so much!


after coming third in an irregular choice competition last year and winning me a free pair of IC shoes i've made it my duty to enter any style an outfit/amateur photography competitions i see pop up on the old interweb! and after the success of my topshop wins getting me £100 to spend in toppers! yey! i have just found out i came second in a lookbook contest i entered ages ago gettiing me a free pair of jeffrey campbell shoes! woop! this is fast becoming my favourite past-time!

my entry

i'm also entering their American Apparel contest :-) with my spagly circus inspired look below!

stuff i love.. um.. when its snowy